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Infinity Belting: Finger Scraper
Information and Key Objectives

  1. To remove carry back from the conveyor belt, which if left unaddressed can cause costly and premature wear on all components of a conveyor system.
  2. To eliminate material build up on the rollers, and especially the head and tail pulleys.
  3. To concentrate carry back in one central area that is easily accessible for removal.
  4. To reduce your operational costs.

With our scraper, Conveyor belts are cleaned more effectively and are a superior cost effective alternative to a traditional belt brush.  It cleans both cleated and non-profiled conveyor belts, with or without mechanical fasteners and will not damage the scraper blades or belt.  The aluminium body of our unit is durable and lightweight making for easy installation and price efficient on shipping costs.  The coated frame protects the system from the effects of corrosion, and being lighter than the conventional units, it lessens the chance of injury during the installation.

The paddle (fingers) are composed of a highly wear resistant urethane that requires only minimal adjustments once unit is installed.  Fingered Pads creates both a scraping and flicking motion to remove build up from the belt.  Flexible format can help the scrapers functions as both a primary and secondary cleaner; two scraper systems for the price of a single unit!  The unit is easily adaptable to field working conditions and can be located anywhere between centre shaft to centre shaft of your conveyor.  Highly visible wear components make it easy for maintenance and operational staff to safely inspect the system.

Our system can be accessorized; adding a fitted hood for dust collection.  Unlike conventional scrapers, ours instantly aligns itself to the contour of your belt with absolutely no break in period; get your belt clean on start up.

Less Carry Back –

  1. Increases Bearing Life
  2. Increases All Roller Life
  3. Increases Belt Life
  4. Increases Take up System Life
  5. Reduces Power Consumption

With all these points, there is less weight, less friction & less abrasion.  Reducing carry back from 3% - 1% decreases your maintenance costs by 67%!  You can visually inspect the scraper from the ground, and unlike conventional scrapers ours has minimalized pinch points.  It eliminates the risk of a catastrophic failure due to lack of inspection along with associated repair costs and production losses.

Our Scrapers absolutely WILL NOT damage your belt if it is not maintained (external frame contact excluded).

Below we have a few of our videos of our customers systems that have used our Finger Scraper and are pleased to show others the outcome of how it works for them.  In these videos you will see different profiles, textures & systems from different industries and how well our Scraper unit works for all applications.

Finger Scraper in Use at a Power Plant

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