About Us

About Infinity Belting

Infinity Belting offers a wide variety of conveyor belt service, repair and installation.  We are a family owned and operated business and have over 20 years field experience.  We are taking the belting industry to a higher level.

We offer competitive rates and belting prices.  We look forward to providing you with great customer service.

About the founder: Shawn Foley

Shawn started in the Belting industry in 1997 as a helper.  Within a couple of years Shawn moved to conveyor technician taking his own crews out, and soon after became a lead hand responsible for organizing jobs and training new employees. 

Shawn has personally worked on almost every major conveyor belt in Alberta, as well as systems in BC and the NWT. 

In addition to his work, Shawn has a wonderful supportive wife and 4 children.  They enjoy camping, fishing, hunting and any other outdoor activities.

Belt Specialist: Dennis Satz
Master Field Technician

Dennis came to the belting industry in 2004 after several years in the construction industry.  After just a short time he was the 2nd lead hand as a highly skilled belt technician.  He has worked on many conveyors in Alberta as well as some in B.C..

Dennis has a supportive wife and 3 children. They enjoy baseball, camping, fishing and other outdoor activities.

Why the name "Infinity Belting"?

Choosing the perfect name for this company was not easy.  There were a lot of names to choose from but none piqued my interest until "infinity" came to mind because conveyors run 24/7 - so infinity was the perfect fit.